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beverly_marsh's Journal

Beverly Marsh
22 July
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"You laugh because what's fearful and unknown is also what's funny, you laugh the way a small child will sometimes laugh and cry at the same time when a capering circus clown approaches, knowing it is supposed to be funny...but it is also unknown, full of the unknown's eternal power."

Name: Beverly Marsh

Canon: IT

Arrival Point: Chapter 19.2; When she's running away from her father, all through town.

Physical Description: Beverly is eleven years old. She has red-hair, and while she's a tomboy, she has feminine features. She has gray-green eyes. She's smokes and wears second-hand, sometimes ratty, clothes.

Note: Beverly comes from the year 1958.

I am not Dominique Swain or Emily Perkins. I do not claim to be associated with the creation of "IT" in either movie or book form. Stephen King is the sole creator of the character 'Beverly Marsh' and I do admire him for writing her.

"So another new thing, if you please: for the first time in Its neverending history, It needed to make a plan; for the first time It found Itself afraid simply to take what It wanted from Derry, Its private game-preserve.

It had always fed well on children. Many adults could be used without knowing they had been used, and It had even fed on a few of the older ones over the years — adults had their own terrors, and their glands could be tapped, opened so that all the chemicals of fear flooded the body and salted the meat. But their fears were mostly too complex. The fears of children were simpler and usually more powerful. The fears of children could often be summoned up in a single face...and if bait were needed, why, what child did not love a clown?"

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