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Beverly Marsh
State of Me: Before I even type anything about the state of my characters, I'd like to say a few things.

I've been part of H&M since 2009 and while I've personally had a few ups and downs, I've always loved the community as a whole. With that said, I want to apologize for being inconsiderate and flaky, in those times I have been such. I really mean it. I know it's been more common than it should have been, but I hope that anyone who may have a negative opinion will still give me a chance. :) I don't want to delve into anything overly personal, but I'd like to say that I have had a fair share of struggle in my life this past couple of years (a kind I never thought I'd have), and it really had a huge impact on me. I'm pretty much my old self now, though. Still, I don't like having been flaky, and once again, I am sincerely sorry.

Otherwise, I'd like to be more involved with a wider array of muns and their pups. I haven't truly branched out in a long time! I have a lot of free time on my hands at the moment and would like to get back into really playing again.

The Pups {If anyone has any thread needs/desires for any of my pups, please let me know!!)

Stefan Salvatore: Works at Fangtasia. Has a border collie named Joy. Is his generally broody self. It's kind of a problematic stereotype I've kept him in, but I haven't thought of a way to implement him getting out of it and actually thriving on the more...lustier?/fun parts of life. Maybe suggestions from Elena help with that?

Needs threads with: Damon and Rebekah, primarily because my headplace has him not being completely behind their relationship? Which is definitely *my* fault as I haven't given the time to RP I should have. And, it's really mostly uncertainty in general I think, but Stefan is all about the talking and coming to terms with the things. Elena, for sure. Cassie from TSC, because just because. He needs to branch out too, so, anyone.

Klaus Mikaelson: Is pretty content with things. Has Faye to love and two of his siblings who he's primarily getting along with. Also has a baby coming but he's frankly not sure how to feel about that, past the, "Need to protect because it's definitely the right thing to do." I want to get him lined up for some sort of art studio, just have to actually get on posting on the jobs/places thread.

Needs threads with: Well, everyone he knows? Should get to know other people too, because it's unlike him to have not done more of that.

Beverly Marsh: Has not had nearly enough village interaction and that is 100% my fault. I posted about her needing a guardian when I first brought her in. That post is here, so if you are interested/still interested, please reply there or here. :) I will work her story into her having been able to fend for herself for awhile, but that cannot (and surely would not) last forever, not if the village has its way.

Overall, I'd love for her to have more tags with kids and teens, people from backgrounds where scary/horrific events have occurred.

Anything thread-wise that hasn't happened, I pretty much take full accountability for. :3 But, better late than never. <3
Beverly Marsh
10 April 2013 @ 05:51 pm
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Beverly Marsh
22 February 2013 @ 11:35 pm
The Facts

Beverly comes from a small town in Maine called Derry. She lives at 127 Lower Main Street. Her family is poor. In fact, her home is in the poorest section of her home town. Her home has four-rooms and is an apartment, the back apartment on the ground floor. The apartment house has five apartments in it [neighbors: The Tremonts, The Boltons; The Theramenius; The Doyons] Her bedroom is small.

For Beverly, the year is 1958.

Her father is Al Marsh. Her mother is Elfrida Marsh. Al is a janitor at the Derry Home Hospital. Elfrida works at Green's Farm (Derry's best restaurant.)

She is eleven years old.

She's a chain smoker.

Her mother calls her Bevvie.

She is part of The Losers Club along with six males (Bill, Ben, Richie, Eddie, Mike, and Stan.) These boys are her best friends, forever and always until the day she dies.

She is an attractive, redheaded, tomboy girl with a good deal of feminine features. She has gray-green eyes.

She likes to read.

He father is an abusive man, yet he doesn't drink, smoke, or chase after women (it's implied he may have been sexually abusive to Beverly; he did smack her on the buttocks in the bathroom scene with the bloods; where he hit her three times, there, her arm above the elbow, her stomach; accused her of 'needing to grow up.'; hugged her after she gave him an answer, that it was a spider.) Beverly is complacent to any demand he makes. When the monster "IT" comes into the picture, Beverly believes that it's the monster that has an affect on her father and makes him do what he does to her (this could be true, to the grain that IT worsened Al Marsh's behavior.)

Her father tucks her in every night and kisses her forehead.

Her father likes Western shows.

She's good with speaking to smaller children.

She doesn't like animals like piranhas and crocodiles because of their terrible teeth and natural inclination to devour anything that comes near them.

Beverly cleans a great deal. She also cooks (her father breakfast; orange juice, scrambled eggs, Al Marsh's version of toast (the bread hot but not really toasted at all / lunch; couple of pb&j sandwiches, cake mother brought home from Green's, Thermos of hot coffee heavily laced with sugar.)

Beverly doesn't understand why the creature 'It' is so vicious, so cruel, and why it lives only to torture children. What purpose does that serve?

Beverly is what you could call an expert at working a slingshot.

She believes in God and makes note of religion fairly often enough.

Beverly laughs a lot, sometimes overdoing it.

Sometimes the boys who are her friends think she can't do the same things as them, because she's a girl. To this, she takes great offense.

Beverly will curse if the occasion calls for it.

The Ideas

Call me Bev.

I have a lot of secrets that really aren't secrets, if you paid close enough attention.

My father isn't a very good father. He says he loves me, cares about me. Do you always hit kids that you love?

I can't ever remember wearing new clothes. This doesn't bother me, I'm just sayin'.

I smoke Lucky Strike cigarettes. I hide them in the sleeves of my blouse.

I braid my hair to keep it out of my face.

I'm a loser, and that's fine with me.

I hate blood. I also things like crocodiles and piranhas and sharks. Tiny, wicked sharp teeth that rip through flesh and destroy anything they come in contact with.
Beverly Marsh
25 February 2012 @ 03:32 am
"I'm supposed to speak into this thing, so here goes: You've reached Bev. Leave one and I'll get back atcha."